Ashley Birthisel
A very happy customer.

The service at Hughesdale Service Centre is immeasurable. If you needed to compare a local service station to the comfort of a country town, Hughesdale Service Centre is the place that reflects this. Its friendly and incredibly helpful staff are always willing to help you with any problems that may arise; they are always there for you. No question is ever irrelevant to their staff. They are always happy to educate you and answer your questions whether you are new to driving like me or have been driving for years like my family. For mechanical services and a community atmosphere Hughesdale Service Centre is the place to go.



Clyde Woods

Subject: Maxima Service.
Thank you for your reminder that my MAXIMA needs servicing.  I have been most pleased with both the car itself and the attention I have received from NISSAN DANDENONG VIC.
However, (isn't there always a however) I have two problems.
First, my wife is wheelcharir-bound and cannot be left alone (I am her sole carer).  The two hours plus to and froing between Murrumbeena & Dandenong would be quite stressful for her (even with a courtesy car).  I know there are solutions to this problem.
Secondly, I have had my car/s regularly serviced at the local garage for over 30 years which, as I am sure you understand, generates a strong feeling of loyalty.
Therefore, now that the MAXIMA warranty has expired, I feel that I should continue with this arrangement.
I am aware of the NISSAN expertise of your dealers and when such expertise is needed, I would be pleased to be in contact.

Thanks, Clyde Woods


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